Effective January 1, 2018 Samson has discontinued distribution of revenues in the majority of Texas and Louisiana and buyers of these properties should be contacted for ongoing payments.

To assist with transition, provided below is a cumulative sales listing from 9/2015 to current and contact information for larger divestitures:

Sold Property Listing

East Texas & Louisiana: Rock Cliff Energy (rce.ownerrelations@rockcliffenergy.com)

Louisiana (USA Wells): Ensight IV Energy Partners (Deborah.Wilson@baldwinmadden.com)

Colorado : Red Willow Production Company (Questions@rwpc.us)

North Dakota: Resource Energy Can – Am LLC (OwnerRelations@Resource-Energy-US.com)

Eastern Oklahoma : Rebellion Energy LLC (http://www.rebellionenergy.com/contact-us.html)

Central Oklahoma & Some Texas: Fairway Resources III, LLC (revenue@fairwayresources.com)

Western Oklahoma & Some Texas : Tecolote Energy Operating LLC (Ownerrelations@tecollc.com)

Notice: Effective October 2017, notifications on check images provided to owners have been updated to reflect that such checks are void after 90 days

Welcome to the Samson Resources Owner Relations page.  At Samson Resources it is our goal to provide helpful information to interest owners in a timely manner.  Within our Owner’s Section you will find frequently asked questions and commonly requested forms.  Additionally, we include information on how to read your check detail and an account log-in page for your convenience.

If you are unable to answer your question from our webpage or find that a particular form is not available, please feel free to contact the Owner Relations Group for further assistance.  It is our mission to answer all calls received, but as hundreds of calls, emails and letters are received each week by the Owner Relations Group, our representatives may be assisting other owners at the time of your call. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a detailed message including your name, owner number, return phone number, and a detailed question and one of our representatives will return your call as soon as possible.